Tax Strategy for Business in Wales

14th February 2018


Creating the best environment for business to thrive is higher on the agenda than ever before. From 1 April, Wales has the power to raise taxes for the first time in 800 years. Long-term tax strategy and cross border implications will be significant to regional businesses of all sizes. Devolved taxes will be collected and managed by the new Welsh Revenue Authority and Georgina Haarhoff will outline how tax policy in Wales is progressing. Sam Cairns will explain what businesses need to do in readiness for 1st April. Find out what the changes mean for you.


Andy has sixteen years experience of delivering high profile policy and legislative programmes for the UK and Welsh Governments. His previous roles have included leading work as part of the Prime Minister’s National Security Strategy at Cabinet Office, leading a crisis management team within COBRA, delivering Defra’s flagship Better Regulation programme and leading the Welsh Government’s work on the Environment Act. Until recently, Andy was responsible for all aspects of Wales’ fisheries policy, legislation, science and operations and related Brexit work.

Dr. Andy Fraser

Head of Tax Strategy, Police and Engagement for the Welsh Government
Sam joined the Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) in October to head up their Operations function, which will include the frontline staff providing customer support as well as the compliance activity carried out by the WRA. Prior to joining the WRA he held a variety of roles in HM Revenue & Customs over the past 11 years, working across direct and indirect taxes. Most recently he was a Customer Relationship Manager in HMRC’s Large Business team, as well as the Sector Lead for IT & Telecoms.

Sam Cairns

Head of Operational Delivery at the Welsh Revenue Authority