Powering Regional Prosperity ... Brexit Briefing

28th March 2019


As events unfold, and on the eve of Brexit, Ken Skates AM, the Minister for the Economy and Transport with special responsibility for North Wales, and Welsh Government officials have kindly agreed, at very short notice, to host a special Brexit briefing for our group.


Ken Skates was born in 1976 in Wrexham, educated at Mold Alun School and went on to study Social and Political Science at Cambridge University.

In his free time, Ken enjoys running, swimming, hiking and golf as well as having an interest in gardening, art and architecture.  Ken was previously a journalist and assistant to Mark Tami MP.

In 2008, he was elected a Community Councillor. Ken’s policy interests include manufacturing, mental health, sport and leisure, eliminating poverty and political economy.  His political interests include skills training, tourism, environmental protection, mental health, sport and fitness and social inclusion.

In June 2013 Ken Skates was appointed Deputy Minister for Skills & Technology. In September 2014, Ken was appointed Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport & Tourism. In May 2016 he was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Economy & Infrastructure and in November 2017 to Cabinet Secretary for Economy & Transport. In December 2018 he retained his position as Minister for Economy & Transport.

Ken Skates AM

Minister for Economy and Transport, Welsh Government